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.TUBE for Domainers

For Domainers

Now is your chance to invest in the age of video with some incredible premium and generic .TUBE domains for your portfolio.

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Amazing real-estate available.

Remember the ’90s, when you could buy almost any domain name you wanted? Now you can relive the glory days with a nearly infinite supply of premium & generic .TUBE domains.

  • Sports

  • Music

  • Games

  • Travel

  •  Food 

No matter what niche, topic, or vertical you’re interested in, there are amazing .TUBE domains to bolster your portfolio. Act now before your favorites get snapped up!

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A domain for the age of video.

When you buy .TUBE domains, you’re placing a bet on the growth of online video. We think that’s a pretty safe bet, and the folks at Cisco agree. Their recent study predicts that by the year 2020:

Video traffic will be 82 percent of all business and consumer IP traffic.

Every second, a million minutes of video content will cross the network.

Video-on-demand traffic will be equivalent to 7.2 billion DVDs per month.

Don’t miss the boat on the age of video. Make sure you’ve got .TUBE domains in your portfolio now.

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Why “tube” matters.

What began as slang for television has now become a global phenomonenon, and is nearly synonymous with online video.

Tube is short, sexy, and just one syllable so it’s great for branding and easy to remember.

Tube is used by thousands of sites in nearly every language giving instant credibility.

Tube is vague and works well for traditional video, live streams, eLearning, & more.

Chances are you’ve already got a few .TUBE domains in mind. Now, all you’ve got do is see if they’re still available!

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Want free hosting?

When you buy a .TUBE domain from Epik, you can choose FREE hosting and an instant WordPress install with the .TUBE Theme and Video Curator Plugin. It's the fastest, easiest way to get up and running with your very own .TUBE site.

.TUBE Site Showcase

Not sure how to use a .TUBE domain? Here's a little inspiration for you.

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