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.TUBE for Pros & Brands

For Pros & Brands

Whether you’re looking to create a video site for your brand, engage a specific community, or dominate an entire vertical, there’s a .TUBE domain for you.

 James Whatley via Flickr

Brand .TUBE

Being a video marketer is a classic catch-22. On the one hand, you’ve got to fight for real estate on your official site. On the other hand, 3rd-party video channels can be difficult to monetize and don’t offer you true access to your customers.

Focus On
Brand Videos
LG Logo
Olay Logo
Porsche Logo
Sainsburys Logo
Toyota Logo
Western Union Logo

71.8 Million Views in a Week

Every week AdvertisingAge publishes their Viral Video Chart of most viewed brand videos. In just the 3rd week of November 2015, the top six brands garnered a whopping 71,769,472 views. Click the logos above to see each video.

With a .TUBE domain at YourBrand.TUBE you can create a video-based destination to complement your existing site and 3rd party video channels. You’ll have full control so you can monetize it and access your customers in any way you’d like.

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Community .TUBE

Among sneaker collectors, PC gamers, and pretty much any other group you can imagine, video is the medium where new ideas are spread and dreams are born.

Focus On
Sneaker Collectors

 Cristian Borquez via Flickr

3.2 Million Subscribers

Complex magazine’s 15 best sneaker channels on YouTube have 3,271,686 subscribers. That’s a whole lotta sneakerheads who just might love Sneakers.TUBE — or some other domain that suits your fancy.

With a community-centric .TUBE domain, you’ll have your very own platform where like-minded people can gather to watch and share videos as they cultivate their shared passion.

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Vertical .TUBE

Skiing.TUBE? Gaming.TUBE? Fashion.TUBE? Could one of these domains be right for you? We’ve got incredible, generic.TUBE domains covering nearly every category.

Focus On
Vertical Videos
One of Those Days 2 Candide Thovex
Fallout 4 Trailer
100 Years of Fashion Lingerie -

17.7 Million Views

PC Gaming
18.2 Million Views

7.7 Million Views

43.7 Million Total Views

These three skiing, gaming, and fashion videos from 2015 have a grand total of 43,747,360 views as of mid-December. Now that’s the kind of vertical video we can get behind!

A vertical-specific .TUBE domain offers you the chance to cover an entire sport, industry, or genre — giving you the potential for truly massive reach.

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Want free hosting?

When you buy a .TUBE domain from Epik, you can choose FREE hosting and an instant WordPress install with the .TUBE Theme and Video Curator Plugin. It's the fastest, easiest way to get up and running with your very own .TUBE site.

.TUBE Site Showcase

Not sure how to use a .TUBE domain? Here's a little inspiration for you.

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