With the .TUBE Video Curator Plugin you can search for users, channels, and playlists, bulk import existing videos as new posts, and even auto-import new videos as posts so you can “set it and forget it.”

The plugin is designed to work great with the .TUBE Theme, but it should also play nicely with nearly any theme. Plus, point-and-click display and import options let you customize the player, video placement, and import settings with no coding.

And for advanced users, the plugin supports custom post types and taxonomies, and includes plenty of hooks and filters so you can really have your way with it.

Benefits At-a-Glance

  • Create posts from videos in seconds, all you need is an API key
  • Works seamlessly with most themes and custom post types
  • Supports YouTube & Vimeo channels and playlists
  • Curate individual videos by keyword or URL
  • Easily control video player options via settings page
  • Automatically imports video thumbnails as Featured Image
  • Ability to import tags into your choice of taxonomy (tag, category, custom)
  • Extensive use of action hooks and filters for advanced customization