We’ve done our best to ensure the .TUBE Video Curator is easy to use without a ton of documentation. However, there are plenty of features “under the hood” that you can access with filters if you’re hoping to do advanced customization. See below for those.

Additionally, you can find detailed docs on Adding Video Attribution to Post Content and Replacing a Video on an Existing Post.


Customize the options for the Video Placement display settings.


Change the taxonomies that are available for the Default Term & Tag Import Taxonomy settings.


Customize the available options for Auto-import Status.


Forcibly over-ride the default auto-import status (i.e. publish, pending, draft) on a per-video basis during auto-imports.


Modify the video content / description prior to import.

There are corresponding filters available for tube_vc_filter_youtube_content_import and tube_vc_filter_vimeo_content_import.


Customize the player options / oembed arguments for all embedded video players.

Please note that some options may not apply to all video sources. Here is a complete list of supported parameters for YouTube and Vimeo.


Customize the player options / oembed arguments for embedded YouTube video players.

There is a corresponding source-specific filter available for tube_vc_filter_youtube_oembed_args.