Step 1: Open the post editor

Navigate to the post you’re trying to edit in your WordPress admin.

Step 2: Update the featured image

You’ll want to grab the biggest thumbnail for the new video. Do that by replacing the Video ID in these URLs, and keep the biggest one….

Step 3: Update the custom fields

Be sure to turn on “Custom Fields” in screen options, then change the following custom fields.

NOTE: These instructions assume you’re replacing a YouTube video with a different YouTube video. The approach is essentially the same for Vimeo and Twitch.

  • tube_video_creator_name – The name for the channel
  • tube_video_date – The datetime of the video (e.g. 2017-01-05T11:51:01.000Z)
  • tube_video_id – The unique ID for the video (e.g. ‘3V8od4Tbw0g’)
  • tube_video_image_url – The URL for the thumbnail from above
  • tube_video_oembed_url – The standard, public YouTube URL for the video
  • tube_video_site – ‘youtube’

Step 4: Delete the oembed transients

Delete all custom fields that start with “_oembed”

Step 5: Save

Hit the “Update” button to save your post.